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IIN to hate Predrinking??
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I'm only 20, yet I cannot stand pre-drinking before going out to a club/bar. All of my friends are totally into it and they say I am acting so old but I just don't see the point in going out after I am already really drunk. I much prefer to drink gradually as the night progresses. That way I have less of a hangover and more of a good time. Is it normal to feel like this at such a young age? Also, I hate the really cheap wine that they buy for 3 Euro, I would much prefer to go out less often but drink something I like than go out every weekend and drink that poison.
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Maybe your friends just plain drink too much?
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It sounds like you're smarter than your friends.
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Theyre probably trying to spend less on the whole night. I find that heavy predrinking doesnt really safe money anyway
Also they are givimg themselves Dutch courage probably to make it easier.for them to talk to the opposite sex.
If you can do qithout it go along but dont remark.that you dont enjoy it. Relax do it your own way . Something you may fimd is that if you are the more sober of the group you may have theadvantage of , not only , without a hangover but with a partner that you are happy to wake up with;)
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i only predrinks before goin out to breakfast
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Dude pre drinking is supposed to get you buzzed, not drunk. They are trying not to spend so much when they go to the bar. Just drink less than them until you get to the bar
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I don't have anything against pre-drinking in itself. I understand it, it's so much cheaper than buying alcohol at the club.

What I always hated at university was that (this is just my experience, I don't speak for everyone) we'd suddenly decide we were going out at like 10PM and only had an hour to speed drink to get drunk. I hate that.

Let's start drinking at 6PM, I'm serious. I'd rather start earlier, SLOWLY enjoy my drinks and let the alcohol hit me in the right way. I find that downing my drinks just upsets both my mood and my stomach and I have a shitty night then.
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