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Iin to hate when this happens?
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Why is it when somebody poops on your carpet, it is gross and you wanna puke.. but if you poop on your own carpet, it's not that gross
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One of the great mysterys of life.
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You beat me to it!
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Use the search. This is not the first time this has been asked.
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Don't ya' just hate it when you're just sitting around chillin' and some dude walks into your living room and shits on the carpet?
I know I do!
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Because it's your own poop....Just like if you shit in your toilet it's all good.Doesn't smell that bad.But if someone else shits in your bathroom it smells worse.
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Yeah, what's up with that?? So glad I'm not the only one.
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It's in our instincts to be revolted by other peoples' germs but not our own germs.
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