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IIN to have a crush on someone you have never met?
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I've always dissed people on Catfish who claim that they have fallen in love with someone they've never met before. I have always judged them, thinking how can u have feelings for someone you have never met before.
Now I feel I take back what I said!
I do think I have a crush on someone I have been talking to for not even that long. Is this even possible or irrational due to the fact ive never met them ??
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Absolutely normal. I met someone online when i was in high school and we used to IM all night, talk on the phone and we had feelings for eachother..unfortunately we lived 1300 miles apart and we never met. We are friends on Facebook but only speak to wish each other a happy birthday. Im married now and he is in a long term commited relationship .. i love my husband but i will always wonder "what if"
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Internet has its own demerits... You can always blame it on the internet.. it's Internet's fault not yours.. don't use it ever. Throw away your PC, burn your phones.
Well if you have Samsung galaxy s7 it comes with a built in self burning feature.

Anyways. You get emotionally attached to someone if you communicate long enough.
You may eventually have crush or attraction if the person inspires you. That's how humans are.
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