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IIN to have a dream about having a heart and lose your breath?
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I had a dream where I was on an old plantation. I was in an old bed and I walked down the back servant steps. A lady brought me some water and a sandwich but I only drank the water. Then I sat on an old couch and looked at a painting of a man in a powder wig who I think was Thomas Jefferson... I lied down on the couch and then had a heart attack. I could actually feel myself stop breathing and gasping for breath. I went outside and even though it was night inside it was daytime outside. I walked around outside and stood by a cherry tree. Then I fell in a hole. When I woke up my head hurt and I was hiccuping and still short of breath.
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It sounds like you stopped breathing in your sleep. There is a well-known sleep disorder called sleep apnea that could be the cause of this.
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this could be true but was this person in a deep sleep? from what ive seen and read sleep apnea tends to only effect a person before they enter deeper startes of sleep and REM sleep, so a person suffering from it wouldnt usually be having a vivid "dream" but more deep thoughts.
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I want one of whatever your having
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it means you're a descendant of Thomas Jefferson but your family has been trying to "drown" the secret for generations.
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I have dreams where I actually feel the death that happens in it. One of the ones I had was that I was shot and I believe I felt what death feels like, I became very weak, cold and the are started to get darker and darker.
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It's only happened once
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remindeed me of alice in wonderland falling in a hole and bumping your head and the user curiouserandcuriouser which is alices catchphrase
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