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IIN to have a fetish for death/peril?
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I get turned on by the fantasy of death or the process of dying, both for the case of myself or others.

I think it's a combination of many factors such as:

- the feeling of finality (knowing that no matter what, you'll be dead forever in a few moments, and feeling the strength fade from your body)

- absolute domination (the killer dominating the victim, not necessarily just humans but more like the primal concept of animals preying on other animals etc)

- and maybe a hint of bdsm/necrophilia because I can't help to fantasize about having sex with the victim after she's dead or during the peril knowing that she can't stop it, it's like a bonus next to the death itself

To be clear, this is nothing but a fantasy and in real life I am practically a pacifist and wouldn't hurt a fly. And even in the fantasies it is never me doing the killing, it's either other people, animals, or the death is accidental like drowning etc.
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Yeah. That's pretty normal.
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Yea it's normal. Just don't act on it ;)
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