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IIN To have a psychical attraction to stuffed Animals?
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Ok people I don't know why but apparently I have liked this stuffed animal. I have had it since I was 4 and now it has gone to far. ( As in love and stuff like that.) I don't know why but I masturbate with a stuffed animal.Is it normal? I would really like to know.
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No, asshole, I bet that poor thing stinks! What the fuck does "psychical"? SHAME ON YOU! I hope a stray dog runs off with your stuffed animal.
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You know what, you have your opinion I have my own, and my opinion is that you are the "asshole" in this conversation.I am sorry, that is the fact, not opinion.You are being very mean , and practically saying to me I am not supposed to do whatever I want. You are clearly not the boss of me. And by the way watch the profanity.
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I don't think it's very abnormal. Everyone has their fetishes, and I know there are people who do that aswell.
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