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IIN To have a psychical attraction to stuffed Animals?
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Ok people I don't know why but apparently I have liked this stuffed animal. I have had it since I was 4 and now it has gone to far. ( As in love and stuff like that.) I don't know why but I masturbate with a stuffed animal.Is it normal? I would really like to know.
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I have a stuffed toy elephant in my bedroom . Sometimes I put it tightly between my legs and get on top of it and kinda hump on it . It gives me a very happy time and I feel it is a special friend .
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I ship it
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Nothing wrong with that. Just depends on what your thinking as your doing it XD haha
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IDK about all these other comments but one day my mom was putting stuff up and I was messing with her and recording her and she has a nice body big ass big tits so she pulled her pants down and I took like 5 pictures then later I was standing in the bathroom and she was playing around and was yanking down my pants so I took my underwear off and shook it off then said sick it while you are using the bathroom then let's fuck tonight and we had sex for 3 hours I calmed in her so much and she didn't get pregnant because she had her tubes cut off I'm only 16 and we have sex ever day
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