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IIN to have an abnormaly painful back...
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For almost 7 years now my lower and middle back has been hurting. Bad. I hurts most right after I get up from sitting and after I get done with a workout it feels fine for about an hour. I don't know what's going on! I'm scared to see a doctor cause I don't want to have to pay all that money to find out I just have bad posture or something. IIN?
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Disthing, +1.
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Hahaha stupid question
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Well this is not normal I also suffer from this and im afraid to go to the doctor too but don't be scarf like me see a doctor because my best friend tells me back pain is not normal for younger people.
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is it NORMAL to have an ABNORMALLY painful back?

You answered your own question, dummy.
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Dr. Sarno... Get his book and read it.
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Do it!! I'm 18 always active and healthy and over the past year have had severe back pain. Be concerned if you have numbness or tingling going down your legs. It turns out I have a herniated disc and a bulging disc and now looking at surgery. Get it checked before more damage!
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