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IIN to have bad friends and actually keep them?
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So i have some "friends" I met them as they were friends of my bfs when we got together. I actually wouldn't have seen my bf so much if I wasn't constantly going over to their house. We would all hang out together. We were all "friends" at the time though I was more interested in getting to know my bf at the time but I considered them pretty close friends. Anyways I was wondering if it's normal to have friends like these people who never ever hit you up but you are supposed to go over to their house and see them. Like they hit up my bf sometimes but he's gone like half the year because he's a commercial fisherman. When he's here, we almost go over to their house every weekend but when he's gone, I never see them because they don't ever hit me up, text me or seem to want me to come over. When my house was destroyed in a flood this summer, they didn't even make an appearance or ask me if I was okay. I just couldn't help feeling a bit butt hurt over the situation so I decided not to go over there anymore. When I go over there, they don't really ask me about my life anyways. I enjoy their company and all. They can be fun people. I grew to love them. Part of me doesn't want to lose the friendship but I just want it to be more meaningful and for them to actually care. idk if I can keep this friendship without constantly feeling bad and just under appreciated. Idk what to do. Should I go over there anymore? Spend my time with people like this? What would you do?
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They're your boyfriend's friends - not truly yours from what you've given. As you've made clear, they don't have any interest in hanging out with you.

I don't know how they would know about your house situation, but if they never show concern over your well-being then that should be enough of an answer. You can find better friends.
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They knew for sure about my home because their own parents came over right after it happened but they didn't make an appearance.
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Small community and everyone knew
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Yikes. Yeah, I suggest getting new friends. You'll know that they're friends for real if they actually care about your well-being.
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