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IIN to have these friendships?
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Ok, so I am 20 years old but I only have two friend that is the same age as me. actually they are younger, 19 and 17. all of my other friends vary in age from 24 to 56. the friend that is 56 is actually a really good friend of mine. we have similar passions.

I have always been mature for my age, and quickly grew tired of going out every weekend to drink. In college, I don't have the typical college lifestyle. If I went out mid week I would be to tired for college :D. Note: i live in a country where drinking is a big part of the culture, especially among young adults. I don't really feel I can relate to people my age. I always feel like im a mother to my younger friends. they come to me for advice and so on because my childhood forced me to grow up to young.

I am just wondering, if there are other people that are like this so I don't feel so unusual. I am not an insecure person, it is just that members of my family find it weird and would prefer if I hung out with people my own age which i do as well. But in my opinion, having friends of all ages gives you a great perspective on life.

What do you guys think??
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There's shouldn't be a rule stating how old your friends have to be. It's fine and yes it definitely gives you a much bigger perspective on life.
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I have friends of all ages as well, ranging from a little older or younger, to, in some cases, 20 years. If you get along with someone, that's the most important thing. One of my very good, female friends is in her mid-20s, drop-dead gorgeous, and loves hanging with me. Another is in her 60s, widowed, still looks great, and we get along very well. Some of my current or former business contacts grew up with her, and she fills me in (that's not why I'm friends with her..just a fun sidelight).

That said, though, be careful with excessive age ranges, or, stages in life. A few of my younger associates are still in party mode, fall in "love" every other month, and really haven't hit any experienced stage of life, whereas I have, some time ago. Also, some of my older, guy friends are an example to me of what not to do. If you share interests and relate well to someone, great. Exercise caution with people, older or younger, who are not overall good for you.
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