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IIN to have these nasty thoughts?
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I know it's 'normal' for ocd but what I wonder is, that in all the treatments for ocd they say to just accept your thoughts and don't let it bother you.

So I think of things like raping people, killing people and racist/offensive things and I don't let it bother me anymore. Bad thing it's starting become normal to me, and so I am afraid of becoming a bad person.

I go to a group therapy but I can't even focus on what they're saying because Im just mentally raping everyone there Is that normal for ocd or something else is wrong?

Also I would never do that in real life only because I don't even like to breathe the air of people or touch their skin, let alone contact their bodily fluids.

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Well, whatever you do don't rape or kill anyone, stick a badger down your pants instead, then all will be well.
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haha. Well, I added a part to the end. I don't think I would be able to do it in reality due to that aversion. The thoughts don't arouse me or anything, it's just something to think about. but I feel pretty bad about it afterwards.
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Well, good, I think you ought to try to get some private talk therapy. I also think you ought to challenge these violent thoughts whenever you get them. Don't "entertain" those negative thoughts. It's not uncommon for people with OCD to have weird, intrusive thoughts.

Always remember that other people and animals are full of nasty germs, and you can get a terrible disease from coming in contact.
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Surely this is something you could bring up in group therapy or with an individual therapist?

It doesn't seem normal to me and is obviously bothering you, so why don't you do something constructive about it?
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This is classic OCD. It's what the O stands for. I think challenging the thoughts can be exhausting and potentially put you into a downward spiral. I would recommend mindfulness and Acceptance Commitment Therapy, which is about recognizing that the thoughts are caused by the disorder and making space for them. Fight them and they'll just come back in a different form.
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Thank you, you helped me on another related topic as well. but what I'm worried about is that by accepting theses thoughts I am becoming a worse person.
I'll looked into ACT as you said so thanks for that
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No problem. The whole point of mindfulness is that it is judgement-free. We notice thoughts, feelings, sensations, symptoms, etc. and accept them. I suffered for years with intrusive thoughts because I have a taboo sexuality and society's ignorance and blind hatred eventually made me worried that I must be a monster or a ticking time bomb. I did CBT, which is geared towards stopping or changing negative or anxious thoughts. That might work for some, but I found that the process of fighting the thoughts drained me, thus making me more prone to anxiety. Besides, the source of my stress (society's bogeyman myths) weren't going to go away anytime soon. Mindfulness has helped me tremendously by stopping the fight. I was fixated on a fix. I was putting off living until such time as I was better or symptom-free. Mindfulness taught me to seize the moment, accepting it without judgement, and live now.
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I think we all have those thoughts from time to time, with not the slightest intention of carrying out any of them. It's fantasy, a release.

Little while ago, a new bartender started working at my usual place. She was both pretty, and, a little..nasty-looking. Dirty girl, wrong side of the tracks type that would suck a guy's cock for a half tank of gas. Anyway, guys were eyeing her up, and, my own thoughts were similar..Damn, I'd so throw you into the dirt, where you belong, and fuck the hell out of you..Just flat-out rape you.

Did I do anything remotely like that? No.. And felt bad about the thoughts, but..Some women just bring it out of a guy. It's all about perspective and knowing reality from mental fantasy.
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