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IIn to lick the discharge out of women's panties
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Almost every morning I get my wife thong's from the day before and wrap then tightly around my head so that the crotch is is on my mouth and nose then start to lick it off it tastes like her and smells so good. By this time I'm hard as a brick so I have to jack off Is this normal. Am I the only one that does this
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why the hell did I click your poll? I just ate... ugh. Sorry man, gotta go.
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Lol. U didnt read the title b4 clicking on it?
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I thought I did, but I have this habit of opening many questions in different tabs, lol.
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I wonder if she should be aware of this??
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No she is not aware of this
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U like ur wife's pussy.. normal
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Does it cause any harm to anyone? - I guess no.
Do you like it? - I guess yes.
Is it normal? - I´d say yes. (but then again, I´m not the best example of normality myself, but I find nothing strange and bad with your desire and your behaviour.).
I voted Normal.
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