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IIN to like peeing outside/ in places you shouldn't?
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So I like peeing outside and it feels fun/exciting. I like it but its scary and I don't want to get caught but is it really that weird?
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I think everyone has peed outside at least once. Sometimes you don't have a choice, lol. If you find this activity fun, then good for you.
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We've all pissed outside, sometimes in chancey places. Besides the usual, behind dumpsters, back of parking lots, etc, just a few months ago, on my way home from sports bar I go to..I really had to piss..Bad. Not far from home, but no way I held it in that long.

Friend of mine, who also works at the bar and was selling her house, lives along the way, so..I pulled into her driveway and let loose against the garage door. She was living with her bf anyway, so not like she was going to come home and catch me, but I do know her neighbors watch her house all the time. Didn't care, as I knew even if she did find out, she'd be ok with it.

Even at home, I'll piss outside of my sliding glass door, knowing my neighbor is always in his yard and looking. He did see me once, but again..I didn't care. Eff him.
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This is one of my secret favorite things to do...I piss on anything and everything I can, inside and out. Makes me feel like such a rebel and dirty at the same time.
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I prefer pissing outside dunno why. but not for fun or something. it just feels more free
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i love to piss outside as a woman watch
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That's hot !!
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embrace it. keep doing it
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Ive pee'd in random places too haha

Havent got caught yet :3
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Golden showers outside is Da Bomb.
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So sexy
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Its worth the risk. Super exciting. You should try pinching a loaf on your neighbor's lawn.
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