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IIN to look at warfare as a form of art?
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It just seems we as humans have gotten really good at making things to kill people Like Bombs, Tanks and so on.

I Must Say Its Quite Interesting.
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You sound confused. Warfare would be performance art but you didn't mention that you talked about the tools. The tools could be considered art as in good/efficent design.

I prefer more traditional performing arts like music and dance. But I've also been getting into the Lowbrow art movement of paintings and sculpture.
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Art is pretty much impossible to define, as everyone has a different take on it, and discussing whether or not something qualifies as art never seems to lead anywhere.

But yes. We humans are pretty good at killing each other.
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I prefer the old assault rifle in the school yard myself
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I think these days the parents have to sign a waiver giving permission to use capital punishment on there children. Would sure cut down on food fights in the cafeteria.
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