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IIN to look away when there are kissing scenes in a show?
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I've watched porn before and I've seen people kiss too. But I can't seem to look straight at the screen when people kiss, especially when I'm watching movies with other people. Now they all seem to think that I'm really innocent and shit like that.
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Most movies that show ppl kissing show straight couples so maybe instead of innocent they think your really gay and shit like that.
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I do the same thing idk why but I do like seeing the kiss at weddings.
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Perhaps you don't like invading their privacy...i sure feel like that in kissing scenes
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yup normal as long as ur a kid
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Nothing ruins a movie quicker than all that kissing crap.
I turn to another channel as soon as it starts.
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Finally, someone who gets it. I cringe and shiver involuntarily at times too. Does it have to do with the fact that I have never kissed or been kissed before?
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I don't know about you but for myself, having done my share of kissing, I think it may be put into films or drama series to capture that part of the audience that appreciates such goings on, I'm guessing mostly woman.
Many times, I find it is so out of place and distracting that I won't watch the rest of the program.
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