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IIN to lose your shit over a wasted restaurant sugar packet?
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When I was little kid I had a habit of playing with my food when ever I was full or bored. That habit ended on one of my family trips to Las Vegas. At some restaurant I had ripped a couple of their sugar packets into a glass of water and stirred it. The manager saw this. He freaked out and created a huge scene with my father in the middle of the restaurant demanding him to pay for it. These things are literally a fraction of a dollar per packet like 1 to 15 cents each, and he demanded like $10-20 something ridiculous I'm sure cause my father would have let it go quietly if it wasn't.
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Yes those fake sugar packets give me intestinal problems.
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yeah I probably shouldn't eat these either. but splenda really helped with my addiction to sugar weight issues a bit.
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Heh heh... this reminded me of my childhood... Mixing all the condiments into a glass of ice water (sugar, jam, salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard, bbq sauce, etc.) and causing a huge mess, pouring it out onto the plates. On top of that my parents were extremely cheap and probably didn't tip. I can understand waiters losing their shit over something like this.
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I still play with those all the time. Sometimes I take a few home.
That's not normal at all. What a dick. The complimentary sugar, salt, pepper, tomato sauce on the table are there for you to use as much as you want, within reason.
So a few packs into a glass of water is not something to get angry about. He should be demooooted.
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had a tightass manager at the one starbucks be like this.Threw a hissy fit when my wife asked for extra stuff on top of my expensive ass drink.Threw an even bigger fit when I took it back after drinking like 1 sip because the milk was like 40 years old sour.I called the company and got very nicely compensated and wrote a review of how she acted on yelp.
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No its not bloody well normal...
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