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IIN to love some animals but despise others?
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Some people say a heart for animals is a heart for animals. But in my case, I definitely love some and hate some others to the point of enjoying seeing them suffer (never inflicted that myself though).

I tend to value animals based on either their intelligence, so I love stuff like dolphins, magpies, elephants, primates, pigs or rats. Also, I like graceful animals such as horses and carnivores in general, all kinds of them, be it dogs, cats, bears or mustelids. I also admire birds of prey and parrots for their grace and beauty.

But I utterly detest stupid, herbivorous animals of the variety considered cute by many, and have very little regard for their lives. This in practice narrows down to rabbits and guinea pigs - I consider both of these species food and I for the life of me can't understand bunny lovers getting upset over the slightest insult towards bunnies, while in nature they're pretty much killed and eaten by everyone. Bunny lovers come across as disgustinly do-gooderish bleeding hearts to me, which makes me like them even less. To be honest, roe deer and baby calves also rub me the wrong way, because they've got this dumb look on their faces - but not half as much as rabbits and guinea pigs.

I cannot respect an animal who can just run away, gets stressed over the slightest thing and is overall dumb. I've had a guinea pig in the past and I never made it suffer - actually it was pretty happy with me - so I think this resentment of mine towards guinea pigs is something recent. But yeah - for some reason, while I flinch at the thought of making or even watching pretty much any animal suffer, the animals above are exceptions. I would go so far as to buy a pet rabbit or guinea pig for the sole purpose of watching my cat hunt down and eat it. I also enjoy hearing bunnies scream, be it out of pain or just distress, and watching videos of them getting eaten by all sorts of creatures.

Could it just be me narrowing a general propensity towards animal cruelty to one or two species? Or could it be just a very particularized disgust of cuteness? I used to hate little puppies in much the same fashion, but I've gotten over it and now I like them just as much as I do kittens, so it's not like every kind of cuteness makes me cringe so.

I'm not entirely happy with this issue of mine and I wonder what I could do to try and get over it. I don't think actually taking a chance on a rabbit would be a good idea - if I had one, everything would probably go well until the first hurdle appeared (it getting sick or something), at which point I'd probably give up on it entirely and just let it die. If the same thing happened to a pet cat, on the other hand, I would be ready to dump hundreds on vets to save them.

How to get over such a lack of regard for the lives of perceivedly stupid and nauseatingly cute animals? Is that even possible?
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I like chicken. Not too crazy about sushi.
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I dunno, I just like the way they squeal when I crush their skulls
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Do you like manatee indiviaduals? Ever since my Mac n' Cheese addiction situation I have become a manatee
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I dislike overly "cute" things as well (although, the only dogs I really like are chihuahuas and pomeranians). I prefer adult cats over kittens. I love all birds and rodents (except hamsters; and chinchillas scare me, as do ferrets). I also dislike dolphins, most monkeys and primates (except for Gorillas). Horses and rabbits are dumb.
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I love foxes but I'm not fond of primates because they remind me of the time in high school when a shallow guy called me "Ape face". It still hurts to this day. No wonder I have low self-esteem.
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I can't imagine not liking cute animals. Kittens rawk!
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Well it is normal to like/love certain animals. It is not normal to despise certain ones and enjoy seeing them suffer. That is a bit morbid.
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Yes because even insects are "animals" and look how much people hate them.
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