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IIN to not answer the phone when friends are calling you?
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I never answer the phone if a friend is calling the first time as it is generally about some unimportant shit. I only ever answer the phone if the person calls immediately a second time as I figure it might at least be slightly important at that point. Is this normal?
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I dunno, but it's not uncommon for me to screen my calls and just not answer the phone if I don't feel my best. I don't like to feel the least bit emotionally or physically compromised when I take a phone call. I guess I feel much more vulnerable to bullshit and codependent entanglements when I'm under the weather in some way.

It's a funny thing, because when I was young I used to be a much friendlier and much easier person to get to know. I used to wonder what was wrong with those aloof people who are hard to get to know better. Now I guess I'm one of those people. It can feel a little weird if I think a about it too much, but I'm not sorry that I'm this way now. I got tired of getting fucked over and having people always taking advantage of me, I got tired of those awful people who mistake kindness for weakness. There's a certain freedom to not worrying about so much about whether other people like me or not, but instead being concerned with whether or not I live my life in a way that is pleasing to God as I understand God, or my Higher Power.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that although I cannot judge whether or not your habit is normal I do respect, appreciate and support your actions, because I'm not dissimilar.

If some fools are impatient and get angry or just plain booty hurt with your style of communication then I feel they're most likely not worthy of your time and friendship, but something tells me that you already knew that.
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Thank you.
I think I'm going through this right now and it really helps to hear someone is happier as they go through the same.
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It depends on what I am doing.
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Yeah, I recently reconnected with an old friend and I ...get so frustrated when Í´ve told her to not call me out of the blue, chances are I wont reply . I require a text first ...

And after I forced myself to reply some times I just felt as if she called cuz she was bored and on her way home, I don´t wish to put everything else aside to entertain people.

If friends need me, I´m there.
But not as some sort of cure for boredom-pill.

I prefer text, I can talk to multiple people at once, listen to music, draw or game and that´s how I prefer it.
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Depends on the situation.
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