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IIN to not be able to sleep for a month?
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Would it be normal if since last month, I havent had a full night of sleep? I try to go to sleep at around 10pm, but I end up having nightmares and wake up at around 12. Once I wake up I cant fall back asleep. I keep having the same nightmare that my parents died in a car crash after getting divoreced. My parents are not divorced in real life.
But, the last time this happened to me (2 years ago) , I was only able to fall asleep properly, when the dream came true. I dreamed that my dog gave birth to 5 female puppies, but then died 2 weeks later. Should I see a doctor?
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I would suggest exercising , and making new friends.
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Yes go see a doctor these nightmares are serious. Please don't postpone see a doctor as fast as you can. God bless
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Definitely time to see a doctor, IMO.
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