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IIN to not have any work experience at age 25?
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I have no experience working. I'm 25 and starting to freak out. Of course Ive been applying everywhere like crazy but its my lack of experience that holds me back. I did work while in High School and a little after that but during college and afterwards, I haven't had a real job. I've been doing freelancing and bunch of volunteer work that doesn't really benefit me at all. It just gets annoying how even "entry level" jobs want you to have this huge amount of work experience, I thought this was entry level? How am I supposed to gain experience when no one will give me a chance? I have really high goals for myself and not getting a job at this rate isn't helping me reach those goals. Its not that Im not ambitious because I am but in reality, I can't get a job. Is this normal? and what are you supposed to do in my case? I really need a miracle here.
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Join the military.
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Tbh you just have to apply in the field your looking to be in and work your way up to where u want to be. I'm 22 i did not go to college wasn't for me but I started in the field I wanted to be in when I was 19 granted it was at the bottom running like a chicken for everything but I worked 14hour 16 hours days till I have my department and I run that and two companies that work for the department that I own." There is no such thing as talent it's obsession I'm obsessed"-mcgregor
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You feel that urgency that scares you? Cultivate it. Your path is clear, just follow the pain: when you feel that resistance to do something, to take risks or suffer--that's your next move.
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