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IIN To Not Want To Be A Leader?
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Every time I apply to a job, they always ask me questions in leadership and I can never answer them because I've never really been the leader-type. I don't really have a desire to lead others in the workplace. I'm perfectly content with being a hard worker bee.
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When it come to interviews, just fake it. Most likely you won't be leading anyone while on the job, not until you worked there are several years.

After going to enough interviews, you'll realize that the whole process is just the interviewee saying, "Hi. As you can see I'm clean and have nice clothes on, so you know I'm not homeless. My body language is good, and I'm smart enough to answer your generic questions with equally generic answers, so it shows I'm competent to some degree."
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By asking certain questions like this they are usually just asking if you will do the 'right' thing (best for the company). They typically aren't asking you to boss people (unless that is part of the job), more like feeling you out for things like time management, theft, etc. Like will you turn a blind eye to or follow coworkers doing wrong or slacking or do you have integrity.
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Honestly, I've never had a desire to lead anyone in anyway.
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