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IIN to quit jobs fast?
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I have had about 15 jobs in 6 years. I quit most of them in less than a month. I have quit a few of them the next day.
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Comments (8)
6 years = 72 months
15 jobs quit within a month = 15 months

What the hell have you been doing for the other 57 months?
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Wow I can count how many jobs I had in my 10 years or so of employment on one hand.

Maybe you should try to find a job that you enjoy more.
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@: dinz
I have had 1 job in the last 12 years. I hate this job. So much. I only do it because the pay is good and I don't quit things.
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To be rather blunt, I'm in that same predicament, I'm only staying before of the pay and the staff benefits.
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No that's not bloody well normal.ffs.
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i triedta quit my last job but they wouldnt let me
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That must look good on your resume: how on earth do you keep getting jobs when you quit so quickly?
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I have had a lot of jobs and gained a great deal of experience.
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