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IIN to rename your SO because you dislike their name?
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Is it normal to pick a different first name for your SO (significant other) because you hate their real name? For example changing Karen to Tracy.

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I mean, a nickname is fine.. but to completely rename someone is actually insulting IMO. I hate my boyfriends name, but it is what it is...I just deal with it and you should, too.
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Sounds very self indulgent and disrespectful of the other person, and his or her feelings! Such behavior is a definite deal breaker in my book. I like the name my folks gave me, and ain't no-damn-body gonna change it, because they don't like don't like it or it reminds em of some bullshit. If somebody doesn't like my name I don't need to know em.
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I hear ya, Rosie. But let's say you had a boyfriend like me, and he called you Rosie-the-sex-kitten while you were in the sack with him. That would be okay wouldn't it? I personally think dirty talk is most fun when you give your partner lots of compliments.
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Tracy is his real true love, he is fucking with you!
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Why? Do you accidentally scream out your ex's name when you two have sex?
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I've always disliked MY name, but my SO (who has a beautiful name) has never changed my name, though given how much I dislike my name I probably wouldn't feel too put out if she did. However if I up and changed HER name because I didn't like it, I expect she'd feel royally pissed.
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