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IIN to save pictures on your phone?
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Everytime someone sends me pics on the phone from twitter or text I save it in my phone. I dont really do anything with these pictures but I have them in an album on my phone. I was doing this with almost all photos sent to me but I started erasing some of them to make space in my phone for other apps, and the nudes my GFs use to send me. Weirdly I have dated a few people who wanted to send nudes. I didnt ask but they always like "Want to see me naked".

I always say "I don't care, but if it makes you happy, go ahead". Needless to say I didn't want people to ever look through my phone and see nudes of people I dated in the past/currently dating so I erased them. I had one friend and it was weird since we were very close so I didnt know why they were so concerned by it. One day I messaged them saying "Saved" and they said "Whats that mean"? I told them "Oh, I saved the picture". They said "But why"? I said "So I can have your picture in my phone" and they just told me to erase it and that was creepy. I not sure why. Why would you send people pics you didnt want them to have?

When I say photos this does sometimes include other pictures that are not people. Like lets say "Kelly" sends me a picture of her new shoes. Ill save those shoes in my phone. If someone happened to look through these photos and say "Why do you have a picture of shoes you don't own" I would tell them "Kelly sent me a picture of her shoes last Wednesday, she said they are new and she bought them from JCPENNYS.

My phone puts a date on when the pictures were taken and the source and automatically make a new album. I guess I have a habit of cataloging things.
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It quiet ironic I seem to do the same thing much have thousands of pictures and messages saved lucky I have a125gb sd card
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It's odd. Unless it was a special event, I don't see the point of saving it.
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Well, is it odd if you have none of that person and they send you one so you save it to have a picture of them? Since I had one person who kept sending me pictures of themselves and I saved some and they like "Ew why"? I not sure why they would send them if they didnt want them on my phone. I told them I save most of my pictures but that didnt seem to win the case with them.
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Yes, it's a tad odd.
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Depends on what the photo is.

If it's incriminating and you're considering going to the police about it, I understand.

I also get hanging onto some little trivial photos as memories of your conversations with people, especially if the photo made you laugh. I do that all the time.

If it was nudes or something really personal, that's a bit more risky, more out of concern that the phone might be lost with those photos on there.
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I know but they were of my partners. Like my GF would say "Hey want some nudes" and I like "Wont do nothing for me, and I love you anyways but sure". I dont date people because I think they are pretty. My partners dont care if I save the pictures of them. They want me to remember them. They use to ask me "But Im pretty right". I said "Yes" but seriously didn't care if they were nude or not. I feel like sometimes I might just be a bad partner.
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Maybe I'm biased against shoes, but that last example is weird.
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It's not particularly normal, but I don't see anything wrong with it. If they're taking up too much space on your phone, you could try moving old ones to your computer or to google drive or something.
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