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IIN to sleep day time and live at night
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18 months ago I lost my job, thankfully I received a good payment and had insurance for this eventuality and won't need to work for about another year.
Anyway after a while of waking up every morning with nothing to do I got bored. I still went out at night to cars and clubs. So I got to thinking why not move my day to night ,if you know what I mean.
Now I get up and have breakfast late afternoon do my stuff and hit the bar's really fresh in the evening go onto clubs and if I don't pick up a partner in tm the park in the morning then good home to bed . I don't have to endure boring daytime
Anyone else do this?
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Same here, except i dont go to clubs. I have major depression. I sleep all day and i wake up around 6-7 pm. I dont like daylight. In fact i despise it.
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Totally not normal, but if you can afford this lifestyle, have fun with it.
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