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IIN to stress about leaving a store without making a purchase?
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Whenever I leave a store without buying something, I think the staff is suspicious I have only come into their store to steal something. Really it's because they don't have what I came for, but I still have to tell myself to act natural as I leave the store so nobody thinks I'm shoplifting.

Other than taking a candy bar when I was five years old and didn't know any better, I've never stolen anything from a store so I don't understand why I feel this way.
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Normal, I feel the same way.
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You do know the people at the doors aren't even there to catch/stop shop lifters, they're there to prevent them, by scaring them with their presence. In most store's policies it is against their code to stop people, touch them, make them open their bags, chase them, etc. The same goes for the beeping things, no one (the employees) cares when they go off except the people they go off on. They are just there to scare people from shoplifting, next time you accidentally set one off, just keep walking and see the lack of caring.
My friend worked as a "Loss Prevention" officer at ROSS, all they are allowed to do is walk around the store and look at people being suspicious, they aren't even allowed to verbally confront a thief.
And don't let all those cameras and people at the doors of Walmart fool you, they really don't care if you steal, and don't even press charges if it's under $10 or $15. When I was younger i was holding a bottle of liquor under my coat when i lose the grip and it falls out, and i barely catch it from hitting the ground and I make eye contact with the old man sitting by the door and he's just giving me the "It's okay, move along, IDGAF about Walmart" face.
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If they give you any guff burn 'em with your cigarette.
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Maybe I should blow smoke in their face instead, it's less aggressive.
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I've had people follow me around the store while i have noticed other people stealing.

I don't tell them to teach them a lesson.
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I'm like this if I need to use the toilet hate it!
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Worst is best buy...when u leave they always gotta say something to u..."find everything" pisses me off
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eh, don't stress about it. if they want to accuse you, they can search you and you can threaten harassment. This may be means to sue them for some amount, depending on your state, i believe.
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