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IIN to suddenly hate my art and want to start over?
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I'm pretty sure it is normal, I just wanted to vent about it and find people who go through the same thing: I'm a hobbyist artist and for years I felt like I couldn't take my art in the direction I wanted. Every year I'd start hating eveyrthing I'd done and trying out a new style from zero; occasionally I'd even delete everything on my DeviantArt gallery and at one point I even created a new account.

Since making this new account, I've been getting way more popular than I was before and I was quite content with my work. I thought the nightmare was over and I'd finally found something that would work for me for aeons to come.

But no. I've recently discovered an artist that's absolutely amazing and I've been thinking that if I combined some elements of her style with some other things I like my art would be 100 times better. So now I hate everything I've drawn so far and want to start over with a new style.

I guess that's what art critics call "phases", but it's freaking annoying and frustrating. I hate how everything is temporary in life and we have to keep reinventing ourselves to adapt to interior and exterior changes. Humans are never fully sorted out. Getting philosophical here...
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Completely normal it shows your growing as a artist.
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Normal... that's why I turned away from art and got into programming. Something I made would look great in the morning after my coffee, then look like shit later in the day. It's all an emotion-based illusion in your mind. You should just give up like I did.
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Lol, you don't even know what my stuff is like... it's
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Lol, you don't even know what my stuff's like... It's
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I' m also an artist, I did all kinds of stuff of my life, now suddenly I opened a company of mosaics and lithografie, stuff that before I would have never done, I think artist are very sensible people and that then we are 1-more sensible to changes and more keen to change and experiment 2-very much self judgmental when it comes to your own work as for the first point. This is my opinion! Best wishes for your work :)
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I have many styles, realistic is my main though. I like to add shading and make it as real as I can get it, but I add elements like a bit of cartoon. I mostly draw animals, but I can draw certain humans. This is normal.
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Everything you do with the work of your hands is beautiful because it is the image from your mind that you are copying through your art.
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Yeah people often hate their own creations. Please don't be mean to your kids.
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