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IIN to swim naked with family?
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Growing up, my family swam naked together and it was never a big deal. It's just the way it always was for us, so we never really thought much about it. In fact, it wasn't until I was in college that I even realized that it was out-of-the-norm.

It's not like we were a family of nudists-we weren't. Our family had two girls and a boy: I was oldest, my brother was 2 years younger, and my sister was a year younger than him. We had an inground pool in our backyard surrounded by a six-foot high privacy fence.

When we went swimming as a family, we rarely wore our swimsuits. It was no big deal. That's just the way we grew up. And it remains that way right up to the present day.

When there were friends or visitors over you wore your suit, just like any other family. But around each other, we just never felt the need to hide behind a swimsuit. Swimming au naturel just seemed more normal.

The only purpose that a swimsuit really serves is for modesty. And with our family, we never had any false modesty among each other. Never felt the need to hide under a swimsuit. We knew what each other looked like and never thought twice about it.

Never did it seem the least bit weird seeing my brother or father naked in the pool, and never did I feel the least bit uncomfortable being naked in front of them. My brother and I never got any thrills seeing each other, it just seemed so normal and we never knew anything different.

It's not like we HAD to swim naked. There was no rule and nobody ever thought twice about it. But given the choice, it just seemed much more comfortable and much more normal not to wear a suit, so we rarely chose to wear a swimsuit. Swimsuits were for hiding your body and none of us felt we had anything to hide from each other. It was that simple and it seemed that normal.

I do remember the year I started to blossom, about the age of 12. I did wear my bathing suit into the pool the first two or three times that summer. But nobody said anything, nobody asked why, nobody seemed to care. Truth is, I felt more UNcomfortable wearing a suit so after the third time I just returned to swimming naked.

What's funny is that I talked to my mom about this a couple years ago. It dated back to when we were little. We got the pool the year I was 6 and my sibs were 4 and 3. Thats when we still used to take baths together. When it came time to go swimming, my brother didn't like to wear a suit, so they just let us swim in the buff...they thought it was kinda cute. (Mom admits she & Dad liked to skinny dip, too) She says they were waiting for us to outgrow it someday but we never did. Somehow our family managed to grow up without the whole nudity taboo.

Anyway, for the numerous posters who have questions or concerns about their family nudity experiences, that's how it was in our familiy growing up. Although it may be out of the ordinary, it will always seem pretty normal to me. Comments?
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Comments (19)
So healthy to allow yourself to be nude. Our family swims nude, and has no problem with nudity in the house. Why can't we get over this feeling that the human body is somehow vulgar and evil.
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I think it is normal from the way you described it, but I am really not sure because it seems like it would be so weird for me personally. Strange... At least you were fortunate enough to have an in-ground swimming pool growing up, that had to be nice.
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Swimming naked as a family is fantastic. I think most people would like to be this way but aren't.
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Not normal but I don't think there's anything wrong with it. It's a good thing you're all that comfortable with eachother.
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its ok as long as ur brother didnt got a boner
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Childish comment. So what if he did? Perfect opportunity for the girls to learn an anatomy lesson.
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It's ok :)
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I accidently voted "no", but yeah, it is kewl. Kind of excentric, but normal. Like they say, we're all born naked!:D
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Would be nice if everyone was like this and not so worried about nudity.
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I wish I was In ur family
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@: Andy20.
wtf! why so you could perv on your sister/brother.
and dont try to pretend thats not whta u meant!
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That sounds very similar to my experiences growing up, with a few exceptions:

I don't have any brothers and we never swam completely naked (at least not any times that immediately come to mind).

We did swim topless, though, even when my dad was there and when my guy cousins were there, and every once in a while when there were some neighbor boys/girls there, too.

My mom only swam topless when it was just the immediate family there. We always wore bottoms, though, either that or panties.

My sister stopped going topless when any guys (even our dad and cousins) were there as soon as she started to develop. The same was true for my girl cousins. I never did, though. I didn't have anything to see, so why bother?

I know this isn't normal activity for everyone, like in high-school, my friends were really put off by it, so I wore a top or just didn't swim with them around.
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Lol sorry I just got the funniest image of a naked family having like a "biggest splash contest" and how odd it must've been to see browneyes and muff from your fam...
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My uncle stripped in the pool in front of me once. It burnt my eyeballs :-S

Still not as bad as the time he wore a strip of tinsel for Christmas.

Anyway, other than my uncle traumatising me for life (:P) I don't think there's anything wrong with nudity as long as all people in the situation are comfortable - and it sounds like that was the case with your family. I'm rather envious of your self confidence tbh :)
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This is very normal, there are many family's out there that are the same. Being naked in front of anyone is okay. Some people don't want to be naked in front of their family members but that's just them. Some are more shy than others.

Even if you looked at your dads penis that's a very normal thing to do too. Many guys who do sports look at each others junk when they are in the shower room, its just a very normal thing to do, because we are all Human.

The only thing that wouldn't be normal is if when you are in the pool with your family, your mum or dad touch you, and I don't mean on the shoulder or something but around the private area. Otherwise it's okay.
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Hmm... yeah, I prefer to see my family naked.
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My family always swam nude in our pool. Nudity is not a big deal unless you make it one.
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We had a pool, and we didn't care who swam nude or topless or with a suit. When we were younger, my mom would mention this to other parents out of courtesy, but when we got older she let the friends do as they pleased. My dad never swam with our friends over, but only because he thought he may embarass them. Mom swam nude regardless and laid out nude. Someone above said friends were put off by it?? Stay home! I have two younger sisters and one younger brother, and no one ever made fun nor was shamed by anyone.
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We use to swim naked as a family, it was commented above about getting an erection, my brothers and dad got erections mum told me it was normal for males get an involuntary erection, it just stands up and has a mind of its own, and it doesn't matter it was a voluntary erection just enjoy the view
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