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IIN to take a whiff of a recently used bathroom?
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Is it normal that when I enter a bathroom a stranger has used to take a dump (e.g at work) I have an involuntary urge to try and take in the smell left behind?

It's not something I enjoy, but the urge just seems to be there.

Interestingly. I'm pretty sure I don't do this with family members.

Could this be an Evolutionary leftover?

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Comments (9)
Sometimes when I go into a public bathroom the poop smell gives me a boner as I imagine part of somebody's asshole going up my nose
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Just.. No
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I ate a meatball sub today!
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I have to use public toilets in an emergency and I assure you that "taking in the perfume" is definitely not what comes to mind!

You are a reprobate of the twilight zone!
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Just too foul.
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You should just go swimming at the sewerage plant.
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whatever starts your car. It ain't hurtin nobody.
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You people are really, really hilarious.

IIN>? hmmm I guess that would be your own foul smelling opinion.

{ Personally, "I" try and hold my breath until I might faint if I am in a public restroom facility. No questions asked...I'd rather be electrocuted over hot coals steaming in a furnace in Schindlers imagination

The fact that you have a primal urge to sniff is just you being that human animal called a homo homo sapien that is still a normal creature whatever the fuck floats you man. Go smell that bathroom like a champ! ; (0

THe question is...IIN to have an uncontrollable urge to sniff a complete strangers mustache...try THAT one on for size. haha
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