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IIN to think I should be born as a girl?
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I am male but only 5 feet 7 inches and have a skinny body, large thighs, fat near my nipples, and no muscle mass. I really think I should have born as a woman but by accident I wasn't.
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The perfect size and shape to wear a nice dress or skirt and top.
Count yourelf lucky because you should at least experiment with dressing up and that includes bra and panties with perhaps a little lipstick. I am sure you will feel absolutely fabulous and feminine. I have been crossdressing for years and I totally love it.
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My daughters walk naked around the house from age 10 - 18
with their tits and ass cheeks , ass cracks , bald cunts , hairy twats bouncing up and down and side to side and they like boys walking around naked so they can see their boner cocks and nuts bouncing up and down and side to side.
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I think the important question is do you feel like a woman now? If the answer is yes, you may be transgender, which is normal. If no, and you're basing this off of feeling you'd look better as a woman, then that's also normal.
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@: Jophiel
I don't feel like a woman, I am still only attracted to women, but I just don't feel like I have a manly body type.
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body shape or type means nothing. by your standards, the fat whale women should have been born men. now that i think of it, maybe you have a point.
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Ah, I see! That's normal, too. So, unless you really want to be 'manly', I'd suggest embracing femininity. Many women like that look!
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It depends on your mind how you think and act. If You like to have sex with girls , that means you shouldn't even think about that.
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How old are you..? You might develop more with age and your body will ve more manly.
I would suggest eating more protein and working out.
Harmone therapy will work but it won't be necessary if your body develops with age and working out.
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How do u feel on the inside are u attracted to pussy of dick
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It's perfectly normal, that's how transgenders were born, if you can save up to afford plastic surgery, you can actually become a girl, and I swear I know a very beautiful transgender girl who was born a guy and now she's a very pretty girl.
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Fag freak
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