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IIN to use a project to escape life?
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I draw scenes and rooms and pretend I'm in them. I can be in there for hours. I have a problem with depression, my home is filled with piles of garbage. Nothing matters except being in the illustration. IIN?
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If I am to be completely frank, yes. I understand your reasoning for doing this, but perhaps you can search for a healthier alternative for escaping the mundane nature of life? Take up a new hobby or something? Believe me, it sounds hokey, but it might do something for you.
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That's an interesting way of dealing with depression, depression is tough man. Nothing harder then waking up everyday and still being here, it shows how strong you are. While you still have it in you take this energy to work out a little more find a hobby that you have never done before. When I was in Highschool the girl who was the love of my life at the time, pretty much said peace.. I was with her for almost three years devastated I didn't give a fuck about anything. However, I started to work out I felt so much better over time, confidence grew ext. I also started playing online games and omg the best decision ever, playing world of Warcraft was good for me, nice people good friends. Nothing better than being involved with other people. I know a lot of people who struggle with depression the best approach is to help others, take sometime to volunteer nothing brings as much gratitude as seeing the smiles of peoples faces when you helped them through a tough time.
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