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IIN to vaporize crystallized MDMA?
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Many times i've vaporized molly rocks in a glass rose and on top trees because the roll from oral/sublingual/insufflation has always been too week imo (1 hit .2g). Theres an instant rush as soon as you inhale best described as Ecstacy with speedy effects as well and the vapors have a very distinct taste/smell. Does anyone else have experience with vaporizing those sweet crystals which melt into a tan oil? (Warning: this Roa for Mdma is extremely addictive as you will need more and more after each inhale for desired effect much like tolerance of cigs)
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and they say this generation isn't creative
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When you can achieve that state of mind without drugs, you might have something worth talking about.
'till then, your just another meth head.
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Drugs are bad, m'kay.
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**shoots frost gatorade out of a bazooka**
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*blasts Relax by Frank Goes to Hollywood on an old eighties vintage boom box*
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I think you should start your own business.
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