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IIN to vomit 8 litres during a hangover?
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I couldn't stop throwing up for 10 hours. If I didn't drink water, I dry heaved violently. I used a paint bucket, so I was surprised to see that the vomit went up to the 8 litre line. Is this normal? Most of my hangover symptoms are usually gone by noon.
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Comments (6)
Why the fuck didnt you make a bed beside the toilet like every other normal binge drinker?
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The bucket was easier, but yeah, I actually did spend the night in the bathroom.
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That sounds more like alcholic poisoning than a hangover. Keep that up and you'll kill your liver as well as brain cells.
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You should have went to the doctor after 3 hours nonstop.
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One of a number of reasons why I don't drink alcohol.
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it happens....a lot to some
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