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IIN to vote on IIN posts based on the title and not even read the body
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? my question is in the title ironically but not really ironic
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I read the body if it's quite short and to-the-point, or if it's a longer one that's well punctuated and paragraphed.

If it's a long continuous prose with shitty grammar I don't bother. Ain't nobody got time fo' dat.
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You deserve a cold pop!
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I'm down, as long as it keeps the bronchitis at bay.
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you writing a book?
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Most people don't give out their time if post is too long and uninteresting.
Most people do read long texts too if it is broken into short paragraphs and it is written in correct way.
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"Some people do, some people don't."
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I'm the opposite. I don't vote and I write without reading the long topics. I just write based on the title. LOL.
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Well that would explain why some responses lack much or any relevancy, given how many people's headings have little or nothing to do with the body of the post or even contradict it
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