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Iin to want need to write/call the electoral college
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I googled how to write to the electoral college. At this stage in life.I should probably know what to do but I don't.I am terrified of Trump becoming president. I CAN'T BELIEVE that people are ok with putin possibly interfering with our election.

I know I am not a well spoken person, and they will probably laugh at my poorly written letter. I need to do this,for peace of mind.All I found on the internet was a facebook like website where I could post on their wall.I tried to do that , but it was very strange and I don't know if it posted.I would rather talk to them on the phone or send it snail mail.
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I am a Trump supporter, I voted for him and am glad he won, that said, I am glad to see someone trying to be active in our political system even if it is against me, good for you.
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nothing anyone can do, but if you want to vent your frustration go here:
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I am basing my opinion off several statements that have come from his own mouth and his twitter page.
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it is way too late for that.They are all voting for our savior trump
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