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IIN to want to make up your own nickname?
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Know I don't want to give myself some "cool" nickname like "Monster" or "Star-Lord." Haha ;P It would just be a shorter version of the current nickname I have, which is a short version of my original name. Lol. Ya follow? Note: I don't like my original first name.

Anyway, the nickname that I have stuck to most is in Spanish. When said in English, it sounds too different and I don't like it for me. Yes, I know I'm really picky about my name. Blah blah blah, I know. Lol. Anyway, so I want to cut it shorter for people who can't/won't pronounce my current nickname the way I want. No one has ever called me by that new nickname I want, but I would rather have it than put up with people mispronouncing my current nickname.

Is that totally weird? I mean all the nicknames I've had were given to me. I've never made one up for myself until now, so I was wondering if that was a thing. Lol.

P.S. I know I may have written a lot, but just deal with it. Lol no need to waste your energy commenting on how much all I wrote annoyed you. ;P
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Hello,are you mexican too? Also,Starlord isnt a good nick name.It kinda sounds like a nerdy videogame tag
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I am and I was being sarcastic about Star-Lord. Lol ;P
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Well, its hard to make one yourself, if it is not in an online game or teamspeak with the clan.

I luckily got a nickname I could live with since I was a little kiddo.

My friends started to call me "Sid" at some point. And it never changed. Its my nickname for like 15 years by now.
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Yea, I also have a nickname that I have had and enjoyed for most of my life. But many people (*cough*cough white people) don't pronounce it the way I like it. And I hate my actual name. Lol nothing about it fits me. *sigh. Ce la vie.
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I don't see why you'd not go with something like "Monster" or "Star-Lord." If you're going to pick your own nickname and actively try to get other people to use it, it should be something properly cringe-worthy.
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Lol I can't tell if you're being sarcastic. In a way, you have a point, but it also sounds like something I would say with a sarcastic tone. :P
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Only half-sarcastic; I'm a firm believer in injecting god-awful goofiness into everyday life. It's like surprise cupcakes.
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