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IIN trance music brings me back memories of my early childhood?
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I am the youngest kid in the family, my siblings were teenagers when I was born. My sister had some trance tapes which I liked when I was small. She didnt listen to them all the time, she liked other stuff too, but when she did, I just didnt want to go out of her room. I liked sitting on the floor next to the speakers and kind of tripping, daydreaming. When I was 4, she bought a cd, but she didnt like it so she wanted to record the tracks she liked to a tape and sell the cd, but I like it so I told her not to sell it, so she kept the CD. I remember this story in details, and I couldnt get some of the songs out of my head, so when I was 11 I started listening to her old tapes, then later googling the tracks and now I dont even listen to other music than electronic. The weird thing is that some songs bring me back detailed memories. When BBE- 7 days and one week came out, I was only 2, but I remember sitting in my sisters room, playing with a plush black cat she had as decoration on top of her wardrobe and listening to that track. People dont believe me that I remember stuff from that young age. My sister confirmed that she had a black cat, but she doesnt remember the track. However I have her old tape from 1996 and there is it.
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Fuck idk
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curious what kind of stuff. Any specific records/tracks/djs?
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