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IIN what my router does?
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Hi! The router i use has been acting very weirdly lately. In fact, we changed it and it just happened again. A week ago my connection suddenly dropped and I went to do the usual 'plug unplug' tactic but to no result. Two days later nothing had changed and the only place I could steadily connect to the network was no more than a meter away from the router. It also turned out that the computer monitor burned out so we changed it. We changed the router, too, and everything was back to normal and we shrugged it off as short circuit accident or sth. A week later we return from a trip and that same night the same crap happens. My connection suddenly drops and i can only connect to the new router within a meter distance. The monitor, as well as everything else plugged in the same circuit is tip top fine. What the hell is happening?! Nothing is obstructing its range. It's always stayed on a table behind the monitor and it hadn't failed to work in 4 years. The new router flopped in just 7 days. My family recently changed the windows to some techy ones that are supposed to block out Infra-red light more than normal glass windows. Could it be that?

It is normal for a router to do this once in a while? will it go away? I'm annoyed and concerned because i need wifi to download some stock videos for my schools project which is due in 2 weeks. Software is up to date. The articles online didnt help. I rely on you! HELP PEOPLE OF THE INTERNET! THANKS!
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Never heard of this problem. I suppose you could have RF interference from another router in your neighborhood. The TCP/IP protocol requires routers to cooperate and not talk over the top of each other. It's just a thought.
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Maybe it's just shy
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