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IIN while having a 3 way 2 guys girl, the other guy jerks you off?
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I was having a 3 way. 2 guys and a girl. At point point the other guy stood behind me and started to jerk me off. He kept whispering in my ear that he wanted me to cum on her tits. He jerked me off till I finished. Is this normal? Am I gay?
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Comments (5)
i would say you might be bi sexual if you enjoyed his hand on your penis but you still enjoy women that means you like both
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Well, just because that happened doesn't mean you're entirely gay, or even bisexual really. Did you object at all when he started? Because some people go through this, and it's just a one time thing.
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no, if you liked it you might be bi sexual but with all your hormones going you probably didnt give a damn.
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u like the ideal of wild sex u liked it wen another man touched u &it got u off could b the beginnin of ur bi-sexual days its all good
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Me and my boyfriend are both we love cock and pussy equally
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