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IIN White Women find Puerto Ricans more attractive than White men?
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Why do White Women find puerto Ricans more attractive than White Men?

From my observations all Puerto Ricans treat their Women like objects, and tend to control every aspect of their lives from the clothing they ware to who they talk to, while they are free to associate with any woman they choose and expect not to be questioned on it. They expect their GF/Wives not to even look at another man while they always go crazy over other Woman.

It always seem to be that Puerto Ricans are all nice, caring, and say they are all about family, etc. Once a Woman decides to date them suddenly they change. It's not a rapid change, but gradually over time. First it starts with how they dress, then they want them to learn Spanish, then they tell them they don't want them talking to other guys,etc.

One of my closest friends decided to be with a Puerto Rican. He tells her how to dress, how to speak, what to speak, and does not allow her to talk to other guys including me, even though I have known her for over 10 years. " You belong to me" is his favorite quote.

After a couple months I ran into her at the store. I barely recognized her. She used to dress casual, now it's all about the tight clothing and bright colors. She used to have long straight hair, now she has short curly hair. I asked why she decided to change her looks, her response was that her BF wants her to dress that way. She even speaks differently now, now she has that " Ghetto" Puerto Rican slang. I told how how I felt, and I wished she would be with a guy that respects her and allows her to be.... well.... her.

Unfortunately we have to sneak around to talk to each other because she is in fear that if her BF found out he would flip out on her. It's not just her either, all White Woman that date Puerto Ricans I have ever met all end up down that same path with the exceptions of the few that realized they made a mistake and leave their Puerto Rican Boyfriends.

All his friends are that way as well, their Girl Friends can only speak to others within their family or social group, and they have to be present. Meanwhile they hoot and hollar over any attractive Woman that walks by.

Needless to say Puerto Rican Men are less likely to be faithful from my observations.They expect their Girlfriends or Wives to stay home, tend to them hand and foot while they are out joy riding picking up other Woman.

She says he treats her good,and I ask by what standards? He tells her sweet nothings and buys her gifts while he practically keeps her under lock and key. In my opinion it does not matter what a person says or buys for a woman, it's how he treats her over all that decides whether or not he is suited.

I understand that White men CAN be this way as well, There are bad apples in every race but normally White men tend to have more respect for their female companions.

What part of that one sided, controlled, and demeaning relationship do White Woman have an urge to migrate to?
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Comments (18)
Puerto Ricans have big cocks. That could be a factor. But you just described any given dude..not just puerto ricans. I'm dating someone from puerto rico and he actually does hate being questioned about other women...but as i said...just another douche not exclusive to puerto rico.
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@: lc1988
"Puerto Ricans have big cocks."

Evidence or it's bull.
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White women who are attracted to Mestizos, Blacks, Arabs, etc. are psychologically unhealthy and should be shunned. That being said, it is PARTLY understandable given the feminization of White men. No other races have really accepted all the feminist garbage promoted in White countries. On a side note, feminism is and was a Jewish intellectual movement, see Professor Kevin MacDonald's "Culture of Critique" for proof and more information. Much of it is available online and through the website he is the editor of TheOccidentalObserver (dot) net.

Back to the point: women naturally are attracted to men who act masculine. White men can simultaneously be respectful of women and also not buy into the feminist nonsense and be assertive MEN. Much of the time when you see White women going for men of other races it is them signifying that they want to be in a more traditional/NATURAL relationship with a man. That is totally normal in that aspect, HOWEVER, what is going on is that they are swallowing their natural revulsion to miscegenation (mating with other races) and towards misogyny (being treated like shit by men) which is very bad. Basically there are natural forces within them that are fighting, and when they choose to be with men like you described they are signifying that wanting to be treated like a women (even in more of a base and ugly way) is more important to them....which is a very sad predicament.

As White men, we need to stand up and reject the ethno-masochistic and family harming values that are thrust upon insurance by the hostile elite controlling our country/society/"culture".
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@: JuliusE
you sound like a nazi
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You sound like a jelous white dude lol. Maybe It's because you fucking suck. Don't blame it on Mexicans. You're obviously bitter and biased.
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Puerto Ricans are not Mexicans you moron.
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Get a doodle enlargement :)
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Ugh, pasty and freckled and zitty...ew. European men all the way
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@: flax
pasty? they're tan! straight up tan! freckled? no not at all. none of them actually. zitty? only if they're teenagers. where have you been?
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1) Usually Men that have to brag about their cocks usually have small ones. Statically White American Males have the largest in the world.

3) Why should I be jealous of a race that is so insecure with themselves that they have to keep a leash on their woman? I bet they are afraid they would leave them for a successful White man that can provide for them without EBT or other Social Services.

4) Or they are just jealous that the White American men have been supporting that shit hole country Puerto Rico for years. If Puerto Rico is such a nice place then why the fuck are they swarming here in boat loads?
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uhm, what happened to the #2? no love for 2?
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Hell yeah!
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1) White men DO NOT have the largest in the world. Their cocks are actually tiny to average most of the time. I'm guessing you're an insecure white guy that made that bullshit up. Here's the REAL order of largest to smallest cocks statistically speaking:

1. African American (largest; won't be disappointed)
2. Hispanic (more so black hispanic males; wonderful lovers; sexy; yummy!)
3. Indian
4. Italian
5. Caucasian (second to smallest)
6. Chinese/Korean/Japanese (smallest in the world)
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@: anon223
Talking with a friend this is what I have been told by my friend who use to be wild. Her name is confidential therefore I will post on her behalf..

Smallest: india and asian..never seen anybody have bigger then a ring finger

African American: only the dark chocolate..they have the biggest..mixed black men there size varies

Spanish: Mexican; vary never seen a big mexican ... Cuban; big they have nice width.. Columbian: length and sum there width vary.. Puerto Rican: 100% are big like dark choc men.. Mixed Puerto rican always have width but not always length.. Chile: vary but always decent size

White men: They vary like all nationailities.. There been big..there been small

And it's not the size it's how then uses it and what size the womans inside are..if she has a deep them she needs a longer size man..if she not deep then a long she might hurt and all woman do kegals therefore width is never an issue for a woman
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well, i wouldn't say puerto rican specifically. more like that whole latin/roman area in general, ranging from italians, spaniards, to maybe the light dominicans.

im with a puerto rican and he treats me like a princess! <3

oh and yes, after dating 3 puerto ricans, i have proof that their.. err.. dicks are larger than normal. :)

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I don't know about all of this but I am head over heels for a hot PR man 28 years old. I'm 15 years older ... He is just loving and amazing and the sex is insane... I know there is no future here but I have no regrets w him. It's hot as hell.
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34, 18 years younger, insane sex, no future, hot as hell. I feel you, blonde.
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Hey it's cause we are sexy as hell! Any women would be crazy not to fall in love with us! We are great in bed and family comes first in our culture! I'm Puerto Rican and Italian ladies are always my women! Cause they already know what's up when they are with us! Don't be jealous cause you have a little dick buddy! Don't hate the player hate the game! Ladies say what up! I'm out! P.S. hating on other men makes you look weak to women and shows your insecure! Smile!
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