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IIN,Temporarily speaking with an accent after binge watching a show?
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Normally, my speaking voice is not known to have much of an accent or inflection, or I have been told by many. Oddly enough, sometimes if I either binge watch a TV show or movie for hours, play a video game, or somehow otherwise find myself in a situation where I'm exposed to people with a certain accent for a time, I will temporarily speak in the accent I was exposed to previously, and the people around me ask why i am suddenly speaking with an accent. Sometimes I will pick it up, other times someone else will point it out to me and thats when I notice. My voice usually goes back to normal after awhile.

IIN for a guy who is considered to be normally rather even toned, almost flat to suddenly speak with a pronounced accent for a short time after binge watching a tv show?
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Every voice has an accent. You mean a different accent to your normal one.
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@: Murun
Yeah, most people around me have a bit of a drawl, but not as pronounced as the south, as I am in the Midwest USA. They say my voice is somewhat plain, even those with different accents than the norm here. A woman from Brazil once said it's not very noticeable.
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I believe that is normal my sister she she goes over to Ireland to visit in laws for a week or so always comes home with of a Irish accent but wears of after a couple of days
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sometimes when im down south i find myself speaking in a southern accent. sounds normal to me.
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My hot older sister is a teacher, and, did a few months, off-regular school year, in the South..Came back sounding like a Southern Belle.. Lost it after a few weeks back home, but, took to saying y'all, calling me hunny, and, b/c of the hot weather when she was there, wearing her shirts tied up, like Daisy Duke..
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