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I'm 30 and never had a boyfriend and never get asked out
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So, the thing is I am 30 and never had a boyfriend, never went out on a date, and pretty much never get asked out. I also am a virgin, go figure! I would love to meet a Christian guy as I am a Christian and I go to several Bible studies but no guy ever asks me out nor even really talks to me much. Of course guys at the Bible studies say hi to me and ask how I'm doing but that's it! No guy ever seems to really want to be my friend and almost no one ever Facebook friends me. Anyhow, I am on a free dating website called plenty of fish. I don't have a smart phone so can't get on Tinder. Anyhow, there is a guy on plenty of fish I like but he's only interested in hooking-up which I am not interested in (I want a relationship) and I've had another guy only want that from me. I'm tired of that! Why is it so hard for me to find a guy and why does no one ever ask me out? My other fear is that guys will only want to hook-up and not be committed to me which makes no sense! Anyhow, I've waited a long time and seeing both my sis and bro happily married and having their first kids is a little hard! I'm wondering why I can have a good convo with guys at work too and they none usually ask me out. Any other good free dating websites? Anywhere else I should go to meet guys (besides meetup)? Any other suggestions?
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It works two ways, stop waiting for someone to ask you, and if you're interested in someone then ask them out for a coffee or something! Just put yourself out there more :)

I like this quote ' stop waiting for prince charming, the poor idiot might be stuck in a tree or something'
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I'll say what I've always said on here when it comes to women just waiting for guys to come to them: Times have changed.
You can't sit around and just expect a guy to come to you, you have to put effort in, you have to initiate.

A large portion of the questions on this site wouldn't need to be asked if women just realized that gender roles are not what they used to be, guys no longer want to have to be the ones initiating all the time and they need to start pulling in the effort and make the initiating moves.
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Isn't there such a thing as singles nights at your church or some church community near you? Or some Christian dating site.

Bible studies and work seem like bad places to expect to asked out.

On the normality of your condition, I reckon that reaching 30 without having had a boyfriend is not that unlikely if you have reached your late twenties not having had a boyfriend. For some, what seems automatic when looking at others, just doesn't really happen automatically.
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Uhm, I really don't want to offend you here, but sometimes really religious people can be very intimidating with the whole god and bible and church thing.

Ofcourse you have every right to your own beliefs, but a lot of people out there these days don't seem nearly as religious as you do, and that might intimidate some guys. Maybe guys think you'd be too timid or shy for a serious, intimate relationship? Maybe you just have trouble giving off the "I'm free" vibe instead of the "I just want to be friends" vibe.

Either way, to have a relationship with someone who's heavily religious such as yourself, I think it would require a guy to be as into religion as you are, as its an important part of your life.

I'm an atheist myself, as is my boyfriend, and I think that plays a big role in us getting along as well as we do. You should try to find a christian dating site, and maybe there you will find someone more suited to what you are looking for :)
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I am a man,so have some insight into say unless a guy shows interest in a long term relationship your not interested there is your problem all guys want to have sex with an attractive girl so they pluck up courage to ask them out,hoping that they will get lucky.thats entirely up to you but they then get to know you and maybe fall in love and hey presto you have your relationship .but you have to be accesable for that to happen its called being fun to be with.and don't go into every relationship as if its got to be permanent,just have fun and it will happen believe me.good luck
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I find it hard to believe that by 30 you have never been approached by a guy. Is is possible that you have been but arent getting the hint? As for tinder, i understand thats mostly for hookups, so i suggest you get off of there. I know they have christian dating websites out there that may be better for you since you mentioned you are christian. I think i seen an ad for one it was called christian mingle.
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I'm a little late to this conversation but I totally identify with the poster. But I can also agree with replies here especially the one about some one definitely being interested in you. They are. It just takes a little more time for some of us. Hopefully all's well and you give yourself time and space to find what your heart is deserving. Be wary of online dating as 97% of the guys are married; in relationships; want a fling; have children or are children in need of a place to burn a hole in your couch.esp. on pof... best of luck.
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