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I'm a girl and I masturbate all the time
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I masturbate a lot (like every night almost) My roommate and I are both straight girls and we compare technique and stuff... I worry that I'm going to ruin actual sex for myself with all my self pleasing. What if guys can't get me off now that I'm so good at getting myself off?
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You'll have to teach them HOW! We can learn, and most are more than willing to.
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agree with both comments I am male and I pleasure myself at least once a day and as for sex with my wife its great and if she is not interested I have her help me get off. I am however very kinky and I have a match and fire fetish. For some reason matches being lit near or under my cock makes me cum very hard.
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I agree with the previous.

You SHOULD pleasure yourself, as:

"If you don't wanna have sex with yourself, why anyone else would?"
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It won't ruin, in fact, the more a woman masturbates, the better she'll be at sex. My love interests is a woman who does a lot of masturbating. She and I both talked about our habits quite a bit.
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Haha I'm a girl, and every night is same here up to an average of 3 times a day and my record thus far is 8 times in a day. It can't ruin it, being with a guy, especially if you have feelings for him will always be a different and totally better experience. :)
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