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I'm addicted to cough syrup
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I drink 60ml a day of NyQuil a day, is that too much.
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It's way too much. I would rather suggest you to go with alcoholic beverages.
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Why? Try Delsym instead, Straight DXM... you'll be waking like a funky robot in no time... all the acetaminophen and other shit in NyQuil ain't good
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The acetaminophen can and will literally eat a hole in your stomach. Just stop taking it. If you take it for sleep, try melatonin.
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Tastes good
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Yeah get the kind without guaifenesin or whatever too, that shit upsets your stomach and teh aceitaminophen is poision for your stomach and liver. I always prefer robitussin to nyquil.
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It isn't that strange to be addicted to cough syrup. That's actually quite popular right now. But the type of cough syrup you chose to get into is a little odd. From what I understood, NyQuil won't even get you high. If you want an over the counter cough syrup with the potential to fuck you up, get Delsym. I used to do that on a daily basis as a junior in high school. Wild shit.
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