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I'm addicted to FanFiction
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I can't stop reading fanfiction. I neglect everything, my work, my classes, my friends. It sounds ridiculous but I honestly don't know how to stop. I think it's like a form of escapism. Whatever I'm doing I'm always fantasising or thinking of when I can next sit and read.
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Comments (6)
If you neglect EVERYTHING, it sounds unhealthy.
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wow, same. i cant go without reading some hot and heavy fann fiction about dean and castiel. i like the angel sex wwith god watching
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I WRITE cartoon pony pornography so I'd say you are perfectly fine.
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Same. But Stop neglecting stuff.

.-. They need love too .-.
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lol i love reading fanfic. But please try to get some of your life back :P especially since most fanfic fetishizes gay men & you don't want to be exposed to that much homophobia.....
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i love reading it expacally the one on patuclar love ...lyra and mrs.coulter
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