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I'm afraid if pillows
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I cant sleep with pillows anymore because im afraid someone is going to break into my house and smother me with it.
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Comments (10)
aren't u more afraid of the person breaking in to kill you? pillows wont matter if they have a gun...
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don't freak out but they could also smother you with a blanket..
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Ahahhahahaha! Wow, is this real? I LOVE pillows I have four on my bed and nobody has smothered me to death...yet. Hahahah
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Yes its real ha ha
i mean i've gotten used to not sleeping with any since i stopped.
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did someone already try to smother you with a pillow or is it just your paranoia? like shrunk said, it doesnt matter if they have a gun.
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try sleeping naked on the table
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Hahahaha @ Shrunk.... So true
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someone took my pillow away from me last time i was ona plane.. i had to hunt it down. it's all good now.
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That's just stupid. Are you sure it's not just paranoia?
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Haha, this reminds me of one part in Inglourious Basterds. If you're scared of pillows, and you haven't seen the movie, then I recommend you don't. But other than that, I don't understand how they're scary. They're so fluffy and cozy, they're my best friend and make me feel safe in bed. Sometimes when I'm sad or scared I hug one of my four pillows. When I'm travelling and can't bring my big stuffed animal with me to cuddle, I ask for an extra pillow so I can cuddle it.
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