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I'm Attracted to my Teacher
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I'm a student in high school, and I've had this teacher for about two years. She is 40 years old. has two kids and is married. She is also tall and voluptuous (but still skinny) and has brunette colored hair. It isn't only her looks but her personality that attracts me: she is polite, kind and always very earnest about most everything. She is French so she has a thick accent and seems very fashion savvy. The majority of the year (except the winter) she wears high heels that look kind of like
She often wears skirts, dresses and tight shirts that show off her roughly C size or greater breasts. Either way almost every day she has a new outfit that always looks amazing. She reminds me of the idealized foreign exchange student that is very sexy, but kind of clueless about certain things. I have a hard time paying attention in her class, and I'm not sure if she realizes what kind of effect her wardrobe choice and her actions have on me (and probably others). She is very affectionate and will often put her hand on my thigh or shoulder or bend over right in front of me. By now I have a huge crush on her, and I'm not an idiot and think I'll get with her or anything. But I'm wondering if I should confront her and apologize for my poor grades and tell her that she is very attractive and it as a result affects her students. Also, is this normal?
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Luckily there seem to be a lot of older female teachers, often married, looking to bang their younger students. Just compliment her, see where it goes. I wish I had tried with my high school english teacher, who was only 14 years older than me, since I still think about her.
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I know exactly how you feel.One of my teachers is HOT. Its ridiculous.
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I'd bang the hell out of her.

Just don't tell anyone or you'll ruin her life.
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Yea man I hear you. I had the same thing for my History teacher my Freshmen year. She was quite younger, only 24 at the time, i was 14/15, which for my family would be normal (my sisters husband is 9 years older). I kept it in, and you have no choice. She is married, dont try to mess up a nice family. However, my teacher is 9 years older and single, so when i graduate next year if i see her in public, no doubt i will ask her out. I just dont recommend it in your situation. Plus man shes over double your age, you dont want that, keep your head up and find one a little younger.
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Don't confront her. Dating or having sexual activities with your teachers only lead to trouble with society.
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Forget these lame comments bang her so hard that you shake the floor good idea though is to invite her over when parents not home and ask to "study" and then take off ur shirt because ur too "warm". Then run to the bathrooom and leave it pants unbuttoned and go back to the room all the while ur doing this flirt! And when she asks about ur pants instead of pulling em up drop em off al the way. Make sure ur not wearing underwear and when u go in bathroom harden up ur dick from masterbating and pounce on ur prey. If she says nothing or responds by having sex with you keep going and do every sort of sex u know with her. I've done it b4 with one of my hot teachers, ( she was married) and soon we ended up having sex with each other often. I loved our affair and it was awesome. Try it bud
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i don't advise confronting her. i am sure she is a very attractive woman, but you must control yourself. your grades are your responsibility.

it is normal, as many students have crushes on their teachers. crushes are just infatuation, they aren't real. you will laugh at yourself in a few years, and that's ok.
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Hit that!
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It is normal to have a crush on a teacher. Don't blame her for your grades though. If you find it hard to concentrate try revising at home. Or try to stay focused on your work.
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It's normal, I just hope you don't do anything to destroy her life and carreer cause you know what happens when teachers get envolved with students...right? Respect her and her family...but you can still have a crush on her.
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Haha I know how you feel, I'm also hot for teacher.
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When will kids learn the answer is NO! it always will be NO! and no matter how many times you ask it the answer is NO! So stop asking stupid questions and read the 100s of other cases of these situations and see how they end. As they all end VERY BADLY. If you had a brain you would realize that. This question has been asked 100 fucking times on and off this website. Try this get off IIN go to google and type in this question. You will get a lot of answers and stop irritating people with your pointless asinine questions.
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Have you never been to North Dakota? I swear every teacher we have up here is hot and foreign....okay well we have one hot foreign teacher but he is HOT!
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do you go to my school? ive got a teacher exactly like that!
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