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I'm not Attracted to Anyone.
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Alright I am just realizing something about myself. I don't think I'm attracted to anyone. I have a boyfriend, but I am not really interested in him. I don't even think I have ever been interested in any guy. I'm not ugly, if you were to meet me, you'd think I'm really hot. Lol I'm not conceited.
But I don't like girls either. I am defintely not attracted to them either.
It's like every one is a friend to me. I can't see anyone beyond that. I mean I'm sure there are things I like about people, but I am not physically or emotionally attracted to anyone.

Is there something wrong with me? Or some disorder or something?
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Either you're asexual or you haven't found the right person(guy or girl)yet.
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You sound asexual or have high standards- read up on it here to help you decide
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depression/low sex drive? i get like that too. it's probably hormones. are you on birth control or any meds that decrease sex drive? if you want a higher sex drive try doing things to bring it up. porn, aphrodisiacs, sex toys etc.
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Looks like someone hit the spot for 50-50.
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I feel the same way... I have felt attracted to ppl in the past tho when I was like a kid...I'm 18 now and havent felt attracted to sum1 for 5 years..and I hav a bf.. its rele a sticky situation, i red about another girl that had the same problem..I don't know what it is as I hav felt attracted to people a long time ago, it's quite confusing and annoying
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Some people are just asexual, and there's really nothing wrong with it. Or, perhaps the right boy/girl just hasn't come along yet.

As long as you're not seriously unhappy about being single, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Just keep an open mind, and don't hold your expectations too high.
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Nah, you're just fine. Guys have a tendency to be afraid of losing what they called the 'prize' - any beautiful girl sure as yourself. You have yet to find a man who know how to keep you interest in him.
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Normal I guess, you just haven't found the right person is what some would say. "if you were to meet me, you'd think I'm really hot" I've never found anyone hot before in real life, but good luck anyway.
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It's so annoying.. I want to have fun like everyone else, who seems to go home with christmas light in there eye's, when they scored a chick, but as soon as I'm look at a person I don't know, I just see a mass of human, or a person, nothing sexy, it's just like watching an aunt or something boring.. I can get exited though, but then it really has to be erotic, and that is why I'm using movies online, and I have been in a strip club 2 times, but am still more interested in the reason, that they have put themselves into this "job", or something else. It's getting harder and harder, as I get older and older. I'm also good looking, 24 years old boy, but have never had a girlfriend. I want a girlfriend, a family and a fturue with other, but I just don't feel better, when I go out looking for someone.. I feel much better home for myself. But it is just too lonlely sometimes. The worst thing about it all is that I used to be sexual attracted to many girls, and I could get the girls, but it was just to prove to myself that I could, not because that I was very in to them. So I just dream about a day, when I wake up and feel that desire for someone.. but as you all say, it has to be "the right" person, which means, someone has to give me that wakeup call, and at the same time be likeable to me. It's going to take more that just waiting. I would need to take much more action, and right now, I am afraid that I will feel more comfortable at home, than if I go out to find that right one..
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If anything, maybe there is more hope for you in some ways than the majority of the population. Most young males (especially in high school) are too desperate for a relationship with someone they are not compatible with just so they have someone to grope because they are creepos whose entire self worth is based on how many girls they can touch and are too pathetic to live without clinging to a girlfriend. This is one of the biggest flaws in society. You shouldn't go out with people because you want them, not just to prove you can get them.

That's really dumb for anyone to want to be sexually aroused by random strangers so that you can seek sexual relations with random strangers. That's kind of creepy and sounds like the kind of dumbass insecure jakovosaur women need to avoid. Don't listen to guys who think it's cool to be a dumbass.

It seems like too many guys make the mistake of trying to force a relationship to happen without any connection to the other person. If you just want sexual arousal, then go home and masturbate. It's a lot easier and less complicated than a relationship and doesn't bother anyone else who doesn't appreciate invitation for sexual involvement. I'm not sure I'll ever find the right person either.
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You can be aromantic and not be asexual, or you could be either demisexual or demiromantic. you dont have to have to be both you can be one or the other and mix and match romantic attractions and sexual attractions because they are two totally different things
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i don't know if this is the same but i have no sexual desire for anyone yet i love women i think their beautiful but no attraction other wise
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How old are you?
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You are looking for more out of your relationships. They must be kind of shallow to mean so little.
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you are Asexual read up about it.
u should talk to your boyfreind if u want to be with him still and discuss your feelings, i hope it works out for u if u still want to be with him, and if your boyfreind accepts this even tho you feel like this if someone is willing to be with you even tho you feel this way then they must really love you and even tho u are not attracted to him if u stay with him he deserve to feel loved by you so u shold put in the effort. good luck xx
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probably just didnt meet the right person yet
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