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Im obsessed with 2 women rubbing their pussies together
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I am a female and am soooo turned on by two women scissoring. Its all I think about. Id love to do it but it doesn't seem like it'll ever happen :( I don't know how to meet any women who would be interested in just a no strings relationship. It makes me feel like a freak because you don't hear much about it or see it ever in porn :(
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Me too, never tryed it but would love to.
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I have had sex with a few women and this is one of my favorite positions in lesbian sex. There are loads of women who would be up for this trust me. You have to do it, its amazing ;-)
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Everyone likes different things and there r girls who would do this ya just gotta look around I guess
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BTW---I have seen it on a porn site, I have only watched the short clip but it's the best I have ever seen, these two girls are great at it! I do wonder about the hair there would that make it sore, Still would like to give it a go some time.
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What part of the world are you in?
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it feels amazing. I do it everywhere with my woman. In the shower, in bed, on the table, it is amazing.
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It has gotten to the point where I had to buy a 9 months practise pregnant belly suite which I had to give up in March 2013, since my one and only bf found it and took to a charity shop. However I never really said that I had brought it or why. I feel empty without it.

I loved to still act very very fat and pregnant too wearing tight clothes (sometimes I wear an old swimming suite stuffed to the max) and a very tight belt. It does not feel the same anymore, and does not feel like I am carrying a baby.
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