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I'm obsessed with drawing my toes
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I love art but is it crazy that I love to draw my toes?????? I feel like they speak to me :/:/:/:/Help!!!!!!!!'
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It's normal to want to draw your toes, but if your toes talk to you thou might need help.
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You have magical toes too?
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If you are really in art, it may be normal. I know an artist who draws cows and only cows and people buy his paintings. BTW many artists ARE mad, it's a occupational illness.
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toe-tally normal
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I have a thing with eyes.
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I like drawing noses. They have character.
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Doesn't sound normal to me.
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IIN I love you and your oddities. Now that is odd but seems pretty harmless. Normal maybe not but who cares. If you are not hurting anyone continue your weirdness.
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I'm obsessed with drawing the hands and the eyes. So i guess its normal.
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